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Amir Nevo, Kinesiologist, Certified Personal Trainer
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Who needs a Personal Trainer?

Anyone can use a Personal Trainer, from beginners, to intermediate, to advanced exercisers, as well as elite athletes or people needing rehabilitation.  

If you are a new exerciser and don't know where to start, a Personal Trainer can help assess your fitness level and design an appropriate exercise program for you.   If you're an experienced exerciser and have been doing the same routine for a while and don't know how to progress, a Personal Trainer is a great option for new ideas and techniques to take you to the next step.  

If you feel you are not reaching your goals, not obtaining the maximum results, and not putting maximum effort into your exercise program, personal training is probably for you!

Here are many of the numerous benefits of using a Certified Personal Trainer:

** Increases adherence to your exercise program

** Provides valuable education in the areas of health and fitness

** Demonstrates proper exercise technique

** Helps establish personal health and fitness goals

** Expert guidance to monitor and evaluate your exercise program

** Creation of safe, progressive exercise programs

** Optimally incorporates a health and fitness program to fit your individual schedule

** Ensures personal accountability to your exercise program

** Explores all areas of health and fitness that interest you

** Provides objective and subjective testing measure to track your progress

** Provides new and exciting exercises to enhance your current exercise program

** Motives you to reach your goals while providing accountability and support

** Helps you reach your goals in the most timely and efficient manner